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Cured acorn front leg ham 100% Iberian- Grand Reserve - Iberian Essence

This ham, as its name suggests, is made with the front legs of our 100% acorn-fed pigs, which are two years old and have enjoyed two acorn seasons. A perfect salt level, along with our entirely natural curing process for over 30 months, results in a sublime product with perfect fat infiltration. An aroma and taste that never fail to surprise.

Nutritional information (per 100G)

2286/552 27.8 g 27 g *Saturadas (16.34 g)
0.9 g 4.52 g
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OTHER ranges

Cured acorn front leg ham 75% Iberian

Our 75% Iberian Acorn Front Leg Ham -Reserve- is made with our 75% Iberian pigs, which are acorn-fed for two seasons. It is then subjected to a curing process of at least 24 months, always in our natural drying sheds and cellars in Guijuelo.

Also available as boned and sliced ham formats.


Fodder-fed front leg ham 50% Iberian

Made with our fodder-fed, field-reared Iberian pigs, which also reach 14 months of age. This ham is made with the right balance of salt and a completely natural curing process, therefore achieving -once again- distinctive properties easily appreciated in terms of appearance, aroma and taste.

Also available as boned and sliced ham formats.

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