This product is Arturo Sánchez’s soul. The visible face of the pillars and the foundations that have held our house together since 1917: excellence, craft, honesty, tradition.

A veritable gastronomic jewel, because each piece is unique: the height of the union of the best raw material, the pure breed pig raised in the best dehesa fields, and the natural curing in our cellars in Guijuelo.

Time is an ally only for those who can wait: two years of living in freedom, in the dehesa fields, with two seasons to guarantee a double acorn-based feed and its healthy nutritional properties; then, a minimum of 48 months’ curing in Guijuelo, in natural drying sheds, where the cold, dry wind of the Béjar and Gredos mountains do the rest.

Every day is different, a true challenge, and only the deepest knowledge gathered over more than a century of experience by a family who loves their work can guarantee that the 100% Iberian cured acorn ham that reaches your table is unique among the Iberian hams: the essence of a pure, balanced, full flavour. Unforgettable.

TASTING notes 100% Iberico Ham from Arturo Sánchez


  • Brilliant and uniform, with excellent fat coverage.
  • The slices are deep red in colour, spotted by tyrosine, the amino acid that crystallises as a result of an excellent curing process.


  • Juicy texture, very pleasant in the mouth.
  • Tender but firm: it preserves its structure while chewed.


  • Potent, pleasant, specific, attractive aromas.
  • Long-lasting, very marked and clear. At the base, there are very frank notes of fresh nuts.


  • A fine, personal, balanced, tasty flavour. This is an elegant ham, its key flavours are already present while still in mid-palate.
  • The excellent balance in terms of salt reveals some adequate, light and clear sweet notes which tone down the typical bitter spots with great precision.

NUTRITIONAL information 100% Iberico ham (per 100G)

1539/36933.8 g25 g *Saturadas (8.02 g)
2.3 g< 0.5 g3.95 g
Jamon iberico cerdo

HOW TO experience it

La verdad del Jamón Ibérico

You can enjoy 100% Iberico ham in amazing recipes or just with bread.

There are thousand ways but the real one is to experienced it on its own, without anything else. Temperature is key: it should be about 24ºC, and the slices shine when cut with a knife, just a few millimetres thick and about three centimetres long.

After, you have to surrender to your senses: first, the nose reveals a potent, pleasant aroma with notes to fresh nuts. This will activate the taste buds; only then the whole slice must be put in the mouth, without breaking it, and placing it directly against the roof of the mouth.

The fat, will slowly melt until fusing itself to the lean meat, which will then explode in the mouth with that nimble flavour, pure, persistent, elegant and full of nuances that can only be brought about by the pure acorn Iberian ham

TO drink

Fine wine; manzanilla sherry; lager beer; white and young Reus vermouth are good accompaniment for 100% Iberico ham from Arturo Sanchez.

Formatos jamón ibérico



jamón ibérico bellota 75% Arturo Sánchez

Our 75% Iberian acorn-fed pigs reach 18 and even 20 months of age. They are six month older than the Iberian pigs usually bred for this category, and that is why they have enjoyed a second season in the dehesa fields.

This is the reason they achieve their full muscular and bone development, always in the dehesa, running free and eating the extraordinary acorns from holm oaks and cork oaks, In the second season they put on up to 70 kg.

Those pigs are the raw material for our 75% cured acorn hams, with a minimum of 36 months’ curing, always in our natural drying sheds and cellars in Guijuelo.

Also available as boned and sliced ham formats.


Jamón ibérico cebo de campo Arturo Sánchez

Once again, we are also different in this category because we know how to wait. Our Iberian fodder-fed pigs reach 14 months of age, unlike the industry average of 10 months for this product.

These animals, which are 50% Iberian breed, are born and grow up roaming freely in the dehesa fields, like those of higher categories, feeding on the acorns and other fruits and, in their case, also cereals.

Due to their older age, again we achieve some distinctive properties in this product that are easily appreciated in their aspect, aroma and colour.

Also available as boned and sliced ham formats.

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