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Made with the best
presa ibérica cut


We make our Iberian Lomito pork loin using one of the most noble, most delicious cuts of Iberian pork, the presa ibérica.

We do very careful manual seasoning, using only natural spice, we stuff the meat into double natural intestine casing (one of them, "roscal" intestine) and we also tie them manually. As with all our other cold cuts, the lomito is dried under the dome by an aged holm oak wood fire. Afterwards, it is cured for over five months in our natural drying sheds.

Its mild, deep flavour is a surprise for the palate, which will certainly ask for more.

Chorizo and Salchichón sausages
in a long, slim format


Every attribute of our cold cuts are maintained in the vela format. Its reduced diameter concentrates the flavour of the most noble Iberian pork cuts, seasoned following our master recipes, both for the chorizo as well as for the salchichón.

A horse shoe shaped jewel


All the essence of our Iberian acorn-fed chorizo sausage, concentred in the traditional horse shoe shape.

Each slice of Iberian longaniza is original, with a touch of daring, hot spice that is still mild, that allows the consumer to complete the tour around its horse shoe shape while the pleasure remains intact to the last slice.

Pure oleic acid


Bacon reaches its full expression when it is made with the best Iberian pork. With two years of age, and two acorn-fed seasons, our pork has a unique bacon, a delightful meat with a singular fat streaking, which is also healthy, since this fat comes directly from the double amount of acorn our pigs ingest, so we can say that it is pure oleic acid.

In addition to the classic salt bacon, we have created a seasoned bacon, following one of our own recipes and, of course, using only natural ingredients.

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