This is the expression of the Arturo Sánchez character, the most difficult to craft of our products and the pride and joy of our family. The previous generation was the first to make it and the recipe is kept under lock and key.

That recipe has hardly changed in forty years, and in it there are no measurements in grams or any mechanical method for its preparation. Just the master recipe.

The rest is our know-how. In this family, legacy is handed out and receive from one generation to another by word of mouth , by smelling, touching, tasting. Initially, it was just a present for our friends; now it’s a delicacy admired within and outside our borders. We are told that it does not resemble any other, that it’s incomparable. It has its own character because no-one else makes it the way we do. It’s also based on selected meat cuts, the drying under the dome with holm oak wood fire and the natural curing for six months.

The rest is a mystery for those who try to copy it. For us, it’s a treasure that defines us, a homage to our history. It tastes of pure tradition and it can be recognised instantly.

Authentic, pure and fine, this is a different piece, with a truly seductive personality.

TASTING notes Salchichon sausage


  • A traditional, well-cared for, exquisite look. Its colouring and shine are due to the natural intestine, to the best meat cuts and the natural spices.
  • Each piece is a work of craftsmanship, different from the rest.


  • Juicy and with good consistency. Firm and succulent, its texture is due to the lean meats and the melted fat of the noble pork cuts used to make it.


  • Intense and clear. It stays until the end of the aftertaste, with very definite notes. At nose, one can perceive the aroma of quality Iberian meat and of 100% natural spice.


  • It tastes of pure tradition. It’s honest and tasty on the palate. There is a singular balance between lean and fat meat, between black pepper and the rest of spices. But guessing their combination is a mystery almost impossible to solve.
  • Its flavor evokes the past; it’s pure and different, with character. Persistent and fine. There is no trace of the hard industrial ingredients used in other products with the same name.

NUTRITIONAL information salchichon sausage iberico (by 100G)

12363/57124.9 g51 g *Saturated (21.84 g)
3.1 g< 0.5 g2.83 g
Partes Salchichón ibérico de bellota

HOW TO experience it

La verdad del Jamón Ibérico

To enjoy the mystery of this taste you need to take your time: The most skilled noses may distinguish some of the spices used to make it, but so far, nobody has managed to guess the right combination.

It should be cut, like any other cold cut, in slices about two millimetres thick, but the experience changes if you cut it in small cubes. A salchichón like this one, with a taste so complete and different, deserves its own, solitary ritual.

However, there are delicious combinations with other flavours, both sweet and savoury. And in every recipe, it’ll leave its special trace.

TO drink

Manzanilla sherry from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Palo Cortado wine; dry, white wine with wood notes; red Reus vermouth and ale.

Salchichon sausage Arturo Sanchez

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