AS (Spanish for “ace”): a person who is highly skilled at something, an expert

We believe that today, more than ever before, we need to carry the values with pride that have pushed us forward for over a century: commitment, excellence, responsibility, effort, thoroughness and passion for what we do. And the best part is, we’re not alone. Many great professionals share these values with us. People who firmly believe in these principles, who swim against the tide, who know that renouncing these principles would mean losing their own essence. They are Authentic people, real Arturo Sánchez people.

Luís Andoni Aduriz

Mugaritz (Gipuzkoa)

Andoni Luis Aduriz (San Sebastián, 1971) leads since 1998 Mugaritz, a project that defends as the creative ecosystem that allows the freedom to create without ties. His presentations at forums such as Harvard University or MIT, his articles in El País Semanal, his membership of the Board of Trustees of the Basque Culinary Center Foundation, the Board of Directors of Innobasque and the Tufts Nutrition Council of Tufts University or the books - among which are collaborations with scientists and thinkers - are tools to disseminate the knowledge acquired by Mugaritz on creativity in organizations, health, perceptions, or the nourishment of the future. In his career he has received awards such as the National Gastronomy Award, the Chef's Choice Award of St. Pellegrino and the Eckart Witzigmann Award.

Paco Pérez Miramar - Gente AS

Paco Pérez

Restaurant Miramar

Paco Pérez is one of the best exponents of Spanish avant-garde cuisine, a benchmark in world cuisine. For years, the Miramar de Llançà Hotel (Girona) has been in a place of pilgrimage for contemporary gourmets. In what has always been a family business, already hoards two Michelin stars, betting on a cuisine of roots and proximity in which creativity floods all your dishes. And it is that Paco Pérez has gone through the best kitchens in the country and has been formed along with chefs such as Ferrán Adrià and Joan Roca.

Mario Sandoval - Gente AS

Mario Sandoval


He already has 2 Michelin stars in his Coque restaurant in Humanes, in Madrid. But Mario Sandoval is much more than a chef: he dedicates his life to the archeology of flavors and also gives himself up in his work as President of Facyre, the Federation of Associations of Chefs and Reposteros of Spain. In addition, he is a tireless researcher and disseminator of culinary science and art and has collaborated in the publication of several gastronomic books.

Manuel Alonso - Gente AS

Manuel Alonso

Casa Manolo

He transformed and molded the restaurant in his image and likeness and today, he has found his own way. Maintains the product as the axis of its elaborations where slight nuances highlight its flavor and quality and offers us a daring and creative cuisine, but always faithful to traditional flavors. Retailer, tenacious, creative, restless, seeks perfection. ``A dish must never be the product of chance, everything is thought, thought out, everything has a reason.``

María José San Román - Gente AS

Mª José San Román

Restaurante Monastrell

María José San Román is a chef in constant training who combines innovation with the Mediterranean tradition in her recipes. Curious and innovative, she dedicates a large part of her time to researching products of our gastronomy such as saffron and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. His restaurant Monastrell, which has a Michelin star since 2013, is an evolution without stridency, with a special presence of local products. She also owns La Taberna del Gourmet, Asador La Vaquería, Tribeca Hamburger and the San Román bread shop.

Juanjo López - Gente AS

Juanjo López

La Tasquita de enfrente

In 2007 he won the prize for the best creative cover of Madrid Fusion. He has been a professor at prestigious schools in Spain and at the Culinary Institute of America. Juanjo López is the owner and Chef of ``La Tasquita de Enfrente`` since 1999, reference restaurant in Madrid, with more than 50 years of history.

Álvaro Morales e Iván Castellanos

Álvaro Morales e Iván Castellanos

Taberna Arzábal

Álvaro Castellanos and Iván Morales are two young entrepreneurs who are experts in restoration and in the hotel sector. In 2009, after a close friendship of several years, they decided to open the Taberna Arzábal in the Madrid neighborhood of Retiro. That same year the restaurant receives the award for the revelation restaurant by the Metropolis Guide. These two enthusiastic young people with a business vision have worked hard for a common dream that has led them to be awarded with the Young Entrepreneurs Award by Hot Concept among others.

Javier Abascal - Gente AS

Javier Abascal

Lalola Taberna Gourmet

Javier Abascal is one of those people who decides to leave everything for the kitchen. After several gastronomic projects, he inaugurated Lalola in 2015.
Located in the neighborhood of Los Remedios in Seville, where he grew up, Lalola's kitchen wants to reinterpret the cuisine of Seville through its gastronomic history. There, Javier seeks perfection in the stew, in the backgrounds, in the pickles, in the marinades, to reach the bottom of the gustatory memory with the essence of the kitchen. One of its strengths are the Iberian casserole stews, of course, Arturo Sánchez.

Alejandra Ansón

Asesora gastronómica

An insatiable curious of the best products and restaurants. She turned her hobby into a profession and now works as a gastronomic consultant in several projects. ``From the salchichón, a secret recipe, to the few units of that spicy chorizo that sometimes falls on your hands, but Arturo Sánchez is much more than a good product, it is craftsmanship with the latest technology, it is tradition, it is respect for The land and the processes, is wisdom that passes to the next generation Companies like Arturo Sanchez, will make the best Iberian products remain in time and all Spaniards continue to be very proud of having one of the best products in the world. ``

José Ángel Muñoz - Gente AS

Jose Ángel Muñóz

Cortador profesional de jamón y empresario

José Ángel Muñoz has been a professional ham cutter since 1999. He has been recognized with the national Golden Knife Award for ham cutters and has traveled the world cutting in the most important gastronomic spaces.

More than the cutter of the Arturo Sánchez house, José Ángel Muñoz is already a great friend with whom they share values, the desire for excellence and passion for this product. He says that it is the last link of the chain Arturo Sánchez, because it is when the ham reaches the mouth of the consumer, and with his skill and good work he manages to transmit the essence of this Unique Product.

In addition to a renowned and excellent ham cutter, José Ángel Muñoz is a successful businessman with two well-known spaces in Granada, of course, closely linked to ham: the ``Taberna de JAM`` and the gourmet store ``Jamónacuchillo``
Más que el cortador de la casa Arturo Sánchez, José Ángel Muñoz es ya un gran amigo con el que comparten valores, el afán por la excelencia y la pasión por este producto. Él dice que es el último eslabón de la cadena Arturo Sánchez, porque es cuando el jamón llega a la boca del consumidor, y con su destreza y buen hacer consigue transmitir la esencia de este Producto Único.

Además de un reputado y excelente cortador de jamón, José Ángel Muñoz es un exitoso empresario con dos conocidos espacios en Granada, por supuesto, muy ligados al jamón: la “Taberna de JAM” y la tienda gourmet “Jamónacuchillo”