Chorizo sausage 100% Iberico from Arturo Sanchez ​​is attractive and alive, on the outside and inside. Achieving its perfect balance is a challenge that is overcome with the skill in the wise combination of spices and the best raw material.

The Iberico “Pluma”, “Secreto” and “Presa” are its fundamental basis. Its dressing, a marinade fruit of the ingenuity and know-how of our family.

An accuracy that does not respond to mathematical measures but to the ability that experience gives. Its sensory attributes are twinned, so that none eclipses the rest.

The smoked paprika is the distinctive note of the Iberian acorn-fed chorizo sausage from ​​Arturo Sanchez but always subtle and not definitive. It offers a unique set of sensations: for its raw material, for its meticulous drying in a bell in the heat of oak wood and for its slow natural healing for more than six months.

The wrapping in natural gut and the tied by hand already denote the craftsmanship that encloses a really fascinating piece.

The acorn-fed Iberico chorizo sausage ​​is succulent and rotund but soft, delicate and delicate. The demonstration that opposites are not always at odds and together offer an amazing experience.

TASTING notes of  Chorizo Sausage 100% Iberico Arturo Sánchez


  • Attractive: for its deep, flattering colour; for the authentic shape, only possible with hand-made products; for the manual encasing in 100% natural intestine. Fragile when cut, due to the quality of the chopping and the homemade preparation.
  • The bright red is mixed with white and pink of the fatty bits, unevenly distributed due to the traditional methods used, far from the uniformity obtained in the fast machine processes.


  • The texture is ample, pleasant, with nice relief and volume.


  • Subtle and elegant, sharp and firm. There is a perfectly balanced blend, between the meat, spice and smoked aromas, all of them clear and marked.


  • Strong yet smooth at the same time. The perfect balance between sweet and savoury, with an agreeable and delicate spicy base. For this reason it has a great initial taste in the mouth and its flavour persists lightly, without voiding the palate.

NUTRITIONAL information for Chorizo sausage 100% Iberico (per 100G)

1846/44624.4 g38 g *Saturated (15.8 g)
1.5 g< 0.5 g4.8 g
Partes chorizo iberico de bellota

HOW TO experience it

La verdad del Jamón Ibérico

The guidelines to cut it depend on personal preferences: thin slices to gradually awaken the palate, or a few millimetres thicker to get a more intense first meeting with flavour.

Getting a perfectly homogenous slice is not the objective when it comes to a product as homemade as this one. The essential thing is to enjoy this fresh, distinctive scent of meat, spice, smoke and then let senses feel its special texture, its balanced level of salt and hot spices.

Our chorizo sausage is tasty but mild. It can be eaten on its own and you can have as much as you want, because it won’t fill you up and it won’t repeat on you.

Obviously, it’s still best friends with bread, and there are an increasing number of chefs that dare to combine it with such unlikely companions as foie gras and chocolate. The sky’s the limit.

TO drink with a 100% iberico chorizo sausage

Any red wine or rose from Navarra, Cigales and Utiel Requena are good choices for the chorizo sausage 100% iberico from Arturo Sanchez

Formatos de chorizo ibérico de bellota

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