Arturo Sánchez, artesanos del jamón ibérico


A whole team of professional artisans devoted to Iberian pork is the guarantee of the Arturo Sánchez legacy

We are Iberian produce artisans. We have learnt to treat each piece as the unique jewel it is. There are no shortcuts, no tricks. It’s just a matter of understanding, respecting and favoring the work of Nature to achieve unique products by following our principles, the Arturo Sanchez Legacy, which is passed on to every one of us in the company.

“Time is not our enemy, but our ally. We know how to wait. Time and Nature greatly reward our patience

Somos Artesanos, producto Arturo Sánchez

To make our hams and front leg hams, we use the minimum salt possible, resulting in products with a very low salt level. In the same way as the salting process, the shaping of the pieces is still 100% manual, carried out by our master ham makers.

When it comes to cold cuts, we only use the best cuts of the Iberian pork plus our secret formula, kept by the family, which are the key to the unmistakable flavour that makes them unique. Similar to the processing of our hams and front leg hams, their preparation and tying are carried out entirely by hand by our master artisans. Later on, the drying under the “dome” is essential for the ham to achieve its organoleptic characteristics. For this reason we carefully make a fire with aged holm oak wood that will give our cold cuts their special, different touch.

Our curing process is entirely natural, unrushed, letting Nature act by means of the manual opening and closing of the windows. Patience is a virtue: our hams need between 4 and 6 years to achieve their perfect curing; 3 years for our front legs hams and at least 6 months for our cold cuts to be ready for sale. And it’s worth it: time is not our enemy, but our ally.

At Arturo Sánchez, nothing is part of a mechanical process. We are not an industry and, for this reason, we do not accelerate processes nor shorten curing times by using cold chambers, because that would mean renouncing what we do. An Iberian ham is unique among the rest: healthy, natural and handmade. And we do all this with the best quality control systems and state-of-the-art technologies, which help us control the process but never replace our craft and know-how.