It’s pure natural charm per se will bewitch you right away, almost unintentionally. This piece has a great amount of infiltrated fat, which provides its peculiar, unmistakable streaks.

The rest is due to the exquisite seasoning, perfected generation after generation, with natural spice and an extraordinary de la Vera paprika.

Only the best pork loins receive this treatment. They must be flawless while still fresh and then, after the preparation, they are stuffed in intestines to dry them under the dome to the wood fire heat.

This is the best complement for their aroma and taste, because it emphasises their characteristic notes. After six months’ curing in our natural drying sheds, the result is an elegant product, with a delicately intense flavour and with great permanence, as if it wanted the palate to never forget it.

TASTING notes Lomo iberico pork loin Arturo Sánchez


  • It shows a perfect, attractive covering due to the color of the natural seasoning. When cut, the slices have a rosy color, asymmetrically streaked with fat. A combination that is exclusive to the acorn-fed pig bred in the dehesa fields.


  • Firm and compact. Yields to pressure. It’s very pleasant when chewed, because of the alternation of lean meat and fine streaks of melted fat.


  • The intensity of the aroma grows from the nose to the mid-palate and stays clear in the aftertaste. The aromatic notes of the seasoning, the meat and the wood fire smoked are well integrated and can be appreciated from the moment of the cut.


  • A clean, clear taste of Iberian meat and natural seasoning. It stays linear from the palate onwards and offers a long aftertaste. It’s a tasty pork loin, firm due to the excellent solubility of the spice in the saliva.

NUTRITIONAL information lomo iberico pork loin (by 100G)

1445/34544.2 g17 g*Saturated (6.60 g)
3.8 g< 0.1 g4.2 g

HOW TO experience it

La verdad del Jamón Ibérico

The temperature requirements are the same as for the rest of Iberian produce: they are best enjoyed at about 24ºC. The classic cut, in slices of about two millimetres thick, allows itself to stick to the roof of the mouth, giving this fine expression of joint lean meat and fat.

To taste it in a completely different way, the piece can be cut horizontally. The streaks are then very different and the slices are much longer, which makes them more versatile when it comes to creating original, simple and delicious recipes.

Some like to combine its mild and persistent tastes with a fine layer of salmorejo soup; some will cut it into cubes for a more intense experience…

Experiencing the Lomo iberico pork loin is a pleasure that will satisfy almost any creative whim in the kitchen.

TO drink with cured pork loin

Manzanilla from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, fine wine; Amontillado; dry, white wine with wood notes; red Reus vermouth and ale.

Presentation Products Arturo Sanchez



The intense flavour of the authentic acorn pork loin. Made with the acorn-fed pork loin, which is seasoned by hand rubbing only natural spice, hand tied and dried under a “dome” on a holm oak wood fire. The difference with “roscal” pork loin is the intestine in which it’s stuffed, called Fibrán. The curing process takes over six months and it is carried out in natural drying sheds.


A juiciness and flavor that invite us to keep tasting it. Made with the pork loin of our fodder-fed, field-reared Iberian pigs, which is seasoned by hand rubbing only natural spice, hand tied and dried under a “dome” on a holm oak wood fire. The curing process takes over five months and it is carried out in natural drying sheds.