Arturo Sánchez Heritage


Tradition never stops

Every year is different: we are subjected to Nature’s whims. Some years have many cold, dry days. Other years, the warm wind from the south prevails. Some years follow the logic of the calendar, while others alter the seasons’ parameters.

Every day is a challenge, a mission to understand the climate to which we have been devoted since the early 20th century. That’s why we know how to make Nature our best ally: she leads, we follow her lead, adapting to make the best of her finest fruits.

At Arturo Sánchez, we have been the first to develop a pack with a vertical tasting of our ham vintages. As happens with the world’s best wines and champagnes, in Arturo Sánchez, our 100% Iberian acorn hams “Grand Reserve” also are from different vintages, each one with its own nuances that make them stand out from the rest.

And we have decided to capture this in a limited edition collector’s pack, which is renewed year after year to accommodate our last three vintages. A feast for the senses.

Heritage Arturo Sánchez
  • Heritage Pack from Arturo Sánchez
  • Six 80gr sachets of 100% Iberian ham cut with a knife
  • Vintages 2011, 2012 and 2013

2011 Color and intense flavor

The climatology with few rains determined that the montanera was shorter in time, but with an acorn of great quality. This caused an intense red ham, bright appearance and excellent fat coverage without irregularities. Of potent aromas, in the passage by mouth they perceive well their fundamental flavors. Excellent balance in its salinity, with the characteristic bitter points well nuanced, with sweet notes

Packs especiales Arturo Sánchez

2012 Perfect balance in the mouth

The early and abundant rains in autumn gave rise to a great abundance and quality of both holm oak and cork oak acorn. The mild and constant temperatures allowed a very long and abundant montanera until the month of April. There lies the development of the texture and the unctuousness of the fat of this 100% Iberian acorn ham. Of sweet and deep aroma, it shows a perfect balance in the mouth, with bitter and well defined sweet notes. Perfect salinity. Long and persistent aftertaste.

2013 The ideal fat coverage

The pig lived that year montaneras of little rain, predominantly oak acorn on the cork oak, although this was of great quality due to the high use of all the fruit. The color of this meat is in shades more pale and reddish, with an excellent coverage of fat. The nose is surprising for its subtlety. Delicate and deep palate, highlighted by its sweetness harmonized with points of bitterness at the end.